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We Are Software Tailors


About Us

Our mission is to promote your success.

We believe that when you succeed, we do - and not until then. Since software solutions are a powerful support to your success, we want you to use software to automate your life and business as much as possible. Therefore, we stand ready to devise and implement customized websites and other software we create. We also go beyond our software development to help you find ways to add other software to as many aspects of your life or business as possible.

We value efficiency, effectiveness, accuracy and completeness. Based on these values we provide optimal products and exquisite service.

Solving Problems is Our Top Priority!

imageThe outcome of any project depends on how the following four factors support and interfere with each other during its completion.

  • Requirements: what you want us to do
  • Time: how long we have to complete the project
  • Cost: how much the project costs
  • Quality: how good it looks and how well it works

Each one of these factors has its own problems. Requirements can be difficult or easy. Projects can have many glitches that take more time and slow down progress. If new things are added or progress slows then costs can go up. Finally the quality of products depends how well the requirements were designed and defined, how much a project was rushed, or how limited the budget was. Our job is to solve each of these problems and keep them balanced every day to produce the very best outcome.

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