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About Our Company

Tailoring is our specialty!

Translate the Italian word sarto into English and it means tailor. Tailors make things that fit. And the things they make should fit so well that we love the way to wear them and the way they look.

Websites and software should be no different. They should fit your lifestyle, needs and goals so well that you love the way you look on the web. So imagine this: We want to be your web and software tailor.

Do you need a software tailor? We think so! Here's why. The Internet and computers are here to stay. Why wait to find out how you and your business are managed by information collected about you. If you aren't already directly managing information about yourself and your business, then you and your business will become more and more managed by it. You need to get involved and make a name for yourself that you control. If not, you will be left way behind. We can help you make your way into the world of information sharing that suits you.

Why Choose Us

Quality Designs
We design well-organized websites that shine a full spotlight on you or your business. Our software is attractive, emphasizing branding and user-friendliness.
Responsive Designs
Our designs are made to be used on all sizes of devices. To do that one design often contains multiple versions that saves us development time and your money.
Sometimes individuals or companies who are just starting need creative ways to afford the cost of saying, "Hello world." We can help you manage these costs.
We are here to give you advice throughout the whole development process and afterwards. You are just as important to us after your launch as you were before.
Standards Driven
We plan, code, create and test according to evolving standards and strive to keep up with ever-changing trends. We do not cut corners to find an easy way out.
We consider, develop and support wrap-around systems that will account for a wide range of needs you may have for software development. Check out our solutions.

Our Staff

  • Daryl Vorce

    Daryl Vorce has a very diverse background. ...


Our Principles


Accurate means that something matches a standard. This means being honest by accurately representing reality. It implies integrity where deeds and words match. It is expected to result in others trusting us.


Effective means that something makes an intended difference. That difference needs to be the expected one that saves time, money, resources and energy and produces accurate results.


Complete means that something is all there or done. This means that everything relevant to a project is planned. executed and tested and that it gets done. This value is approximated by milestones.


Efficient means achieving the greatest difference with the least amount of effort. As the sister value to effectiveness, efficiency emphasizes the conservation of effort to make the effective even better.