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Many website designers do not publish costs for their services. This is may be out of concern that you will go to some other designer without a chance to see if services can be made affordable to you. Even though this happens, we believe that you make better decisions with more information. So we provide it to you up front as much as possible. We think we provide great services at good prices.

Below is a list of prices for our services to give you some idea how much it might cost for us to help you. Please contact us if you think we may be the right company for you. Or, better yet, just make an appointment to come in and see us to discuss all of your needs. We will always find ways to make our services affordable to you.

Personal Site

$300 - $500

1 Domain Name
1 Logo
1 - 3 Web Pages
3 - 6 Images
Limited Content Editing *
3 - 10 Days to Complete
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Small Business Most Popular

$500 - $1000

1 Domain Name
1 Logo, 1 Tagline
4 - 8 Web Pages
6 - 12 Images
Limited Content Editing *
1 - 3 Weeks to Complete
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$1000 - $3000

1 Domain Name
1 Logo, 1 Tagline, Business Cards
9 - 15 Web Pages
10 - 20 Images
Limited Content Editing *
2 - 8 Weeks to Complete
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* Does not include rewriting articles.

Costs of Additional Services

Consultation No Charge
Content Writing $20 / hour
Photography $50 / hour
Image Editing $25 / hour
Logo Design $30 / design
Business Card Design ** $40 
Brochure Design ** $25 / hr
Hosting $14 / month
E-mail *** $6 / month (added)
Ongoing SEO $25 / hour
Maintenance $15 / month
Marketing Depends on Requirements
Customer Relations Mgmt. (CRM) Depends on Requirements
Software Development Depends on Requirements
Database Development Depends on Requirements

** We will help you with printing items, if needed.
*** Only available with hosting.