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Business Marketing

A perfect website is useless if no one can find it. In exactly the same way a business is worthless if no one uses it. Just as consumers search for businesses on the Internet, companies must search for customers. Finding customers is what marketing is for. It is a very diverse set of efforts put in motion to invite anyone who may need what you have to offer to benefit from your business. Think of it like dating. It is your job is to find all of the eligible individuals who might like what you have to offer. Both of you should want to find each other. Customers do searches to find you. You do marketing to find them.

Marketing your company

Sartosoft is invested in your success as a company and considers that having a website is only one important piece of the puzzle of finding eligible customers. There are many things you can do to reach potential customers. Your company may benefit from exhibiting at trade shows, swapping flyers with related businesses, moving to a new location, expanding your product line, or changing the way one of your adds looks or sounds. We want to support everything you can do to improve your business. We can provide direct and indirect services.

Sartosoft's ways of supporting your marketing strategies

  1. Direct Supports
    1. Your website is a marketing tool. We will help you rank your website  as high as possible in search results (SEO).
    2. We help you make your website attractive and user-friendly. Customers should be able to easily find whatever they may be looking for on your site. Once they find what they are looking for they should be able to easily ask questions or purchase items with little effort.
    3. Helping you place ads and perform other indirect online marketing
    4. We can help you set up and execute direct web-based marketing and e-mail campaigns.
    5. You will benefit from using a customer relations management (CRM) system that helps you keep track of your customers and be able to contact them as needed with information they might like to know.  We can help you with that too.
  2. Indirect Supports
    1. Sartosoft can help you prepare for any marketing event by setting up the right organizing, recording and tracking software.  This is useful when you want to keep track of and analyze data to show your success and where you might improve. This is for businesses that want to use data to drive their decisions. If this is for you, let us help you get started.
    2. We can help you by verifying that your company uses appropriate software to do its business. We can review that it is up to date, that you have the right kind of software for the problems you need to solve and that you know how to use it.
    3. We can help you set up spreadsheets, databases, and software to collect and house the results of your marketing efforts.
    4. Analyzing the information you collect so you can make conclusions about your next business move is another way we can help.

If you find that your marketing needs are not addressed in this overview, we would like to know. Otherwise, we hope you will tell us how we can help you and hire us to do so.

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