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Database Design & Management

Information is most useful when it is available at the time you need it. To accomplish this, information needs to be stored and organized. Since a business depends on information, keeping track of information is vital to its success.

Databases simply organize and store information. They are so common that you have already created many in your everyday life. For example, anyone who organizes bills by date, company name, category, priority or any combination of these features, has designed and used their own database. The databases systems that we want to help you create and manage are run on computers. Having been developed over decades, they are now very powerful.

Nowadays databases can do incredible things. For example, they are what help us to find what you are looking for through billions of web pages on the Internet. They capture and show our information on Facebook. They help us find products on Amazon. In fact, they serve so many useful purposes you can expect that any sophisticated electronic device is using a database. Here at Sartosoft we want you to learn how helpful they can be for you so you will develop and use them more.

Additional database advantages

Here is a list of some of the things databases do directly or can be done because of them.

  • Protect stored information
  • Process huge amounts of data.
  • Save time finding information.
  • Divide information into pieces without any information loss.
  • Link related information
  • Make data analysis possible to find new patterns or relationships.
  • Track customers so they can be treated individually.
  • Reduce data duplication and the errors that happen as a result.
  • Consolidate information in one place.

The value of a customized database system

Think of it this way. If essential knowledge about your business and your customers is in your head, you need to be onsite for your business to function smoothly. If the knowledge about your business is captured outside of your head, your business can be accurately run for you. Which do you prefer?

A customized database system can organize and store everything you want to track. It can be tailored exactly to your business. It can grow and change with your needs. Using the list of advantages above, it software can be coded to perform all of the ones that could benefit your company.  These processes can be set to run at the click of a button. Since information in a system can be used to:

  • Automate data entry,
  • Evaluate the validity of all information that is being entered,
  • Perform complex calculations,
  • Send alerts and e-mails,
  • Detect problems before they occur,
  • Password protect information,
  • Create charts and maps,

then a customized database system could radically streamline your business and essentially change your life. Would you like that?

How Sartosoft can help you with database solutions

By helping you analyze your business processes, Sartosoft can help to determine which of them might be improved by using a customized information processing system. We are able to build systems from the ground up so that they suit your needs exactly. We are able to continue to customize and expand the system as your company grows. Our expertise includes using company networks as well as the Internet to share your data. We code the screens and views that you need to enter and retrieve your information.

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