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Business Applications Development Services

A business is like a machine with many different parts or subsystems that need to smoothly cooperate to get the job done. Consider a car or the human body as good examples. These days businesses succeed better when they use software to record and automate as much of the company’s work as possible. Yet many companies and their employees do not specialize in using software. Consequently these companies could be more efficient, spending less time and money on processes that could be more automated.

In this case business software is like parts of a machine. It needs to be installed and fine-tuned to do expected tasks. Users need to be trained and skilled to use this software. In addition, like a car’s dashboard, management will benefit from having company information in front of them with the ability to act on it easily. That is where business administration applications are needed. Together this represents the spectrum of business applications that best serves any company.

To implement these solutions for your business, Sartosoft strongly supports the use or development of business administrative applications. Some of these applications include financial software like QuickBooks, customer relations management (CRM) software and website analytics reports. For many companies, this is just a start in monitoring and managing the information that is needed to drive a business.

The goal of business administration applications

The volume of information produced and needed by businesses is intense. Businesses benefit from applications that organize and manage that information according to a company’s business rules. Commercial applications are used by almost all businesses these days. In addition, customized business administration applications can be developed to automate data management processes for which there is no commercially available options. Dashboard applications allow business administrators to see everything about their business in one place. These can be powerful tools to monitor and manage a company.

Types of business applications

All companies need business applications. In addition, business administrative applications are the software that acts on the information about a company. Together they make up the core applications needed by a business.

  1. At the first level of this software is basic applications used in most offices. This includes word processors, spreadsheets, e-mail processor, presentation and publishing software.
  2. At the second level is software to manage day-to-day tasks completed by a company. We recommend that most companies use bookkeeping software, CRM and site analytics. You may want to do marketing e-mail campaigns or use surveys to learn about your customer’s needs.
  3. At the third level is the software that is needed by your particular business. If you are in the music industry you may need software to write, edit, sequence, play and print music. If you work with images, you may need image editing software and ways to organize and manage images.
  4. Most companies have a need for customized software to fully automate their company. Here databases can be created and software written to manage all of the data that is specific to a company. For example, if you are a real-estate company you will want to keep track of the properties that you are selling. If you are in the moving business, you will need to keep track of your quotes. You may benefit from connecting to data sources outside of your company to generate maps or book previews.
  5. Finally, a company will benefit from customized software dashboard to be used for monitoring and management. As companies grow more complex and with larger staff and customer bases, the importance of a dashboard application cannot be overstated.

How Sartosoft can support you business software needs

Sartosoft wants your business to succeed. Consequently we believe your company will benefit from using existing and customized software to support as many business processes as possible. We can support you by helping you:

  • Select software for your business
  • Install software
  • Set up templates and scripts
  • Teach you how to use software
  • Set up databases with customized applications specifically for your company
  • Create dashboards that integrate information about your company

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