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Logo & Graphic Design

Images are important in contemporary applications.  They can make powerful statements within a small amount of space. They are powerful because of their immediate and unique impact on each viewer.  As the counterpart to words, images make it easier to find or illustrate things. Websites, especially, depend on images to maximize their impact and invite viewers to explore more. You will want to find and use images that clearly illustrate you or your business. This will help your site stand out in great contrast to others. All of these issues are considered part of graphic design.

Your company logo

A particularly important business image is a company’s logo.  Every business benefits from consolidating its identity into a defining icon or logo. A logo can be a small image, an interesting pattern of certain geometrical elements or an inviting text.  The purpose is to promote a powerful symbol that represents the entire company. You will want a logo that you are proud of and champion as the representative of your company.

The “big deal” of graphic design

Graphic design refers to an object’s visual features. For websites these features include:

  • Colors and font faces, sizes, weights, decorations, etc.
  • Logos, images, illustration, graphs, diagrams, maps, buttons, backgrounds
  • Videos and animations
  • Page layout and sequence

A good design finds a way to weave all of these factors into a set of pages that are striking, have a positive impact, inform and motivate viewers to get involved with your site.

How Sartosoft helps with graphic design needs

Designers can create attractive websites on their own. They do so every day.  But in order to create your unique and effective website, they will need your ideas and preferences. After all this is your website, not theirs. It needs to be as clear a reflection of you as possible. So expect to answer many questions and give many examples of how your website needs to look and function.

If you don’t have a logo for your company, then create, purchase or ask us to help you design one. Expect to collect images to illustrate your site.  These can be photos you or we take, ones purchased online (no copyrighted images, please). We can scan images you may have in print (but may not be good quality). Images also include videos. Consider making some videos of you or your company to put online.

Using your preferences, suggestions and feedback, we will help you design a site you will show with pride.

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