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Mobile Applications Development Services

Mobile devices include smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. Anyone who uses one of these devices uses mobile applications - commonly called mobile apps.

Mobile applications are the new desktop applications. The difference is that mobile applications are designed to run on small to large devices where desktop applications are typically designed for larger devices alone. Mobile apps are typically installed on a single device though the data they use can be local, remote or both. Mobile apps are not to be dependent on connecting to the internet like websites are.

While desktop applications kept expanding in size and power, mobile devices required a direct reversal to shrink applications to them. As they became more popular it seemed like we supposed to go backward in development while we moved forward with technology. What has happened is that application development for all devices has improved. It has become clear that what users need in mobile devices is equally relevant in desktop applications.

Features of mobile applications

Mobile apps have to be developed as a separate type of software from desktop applications and websites. These applications need to account for the hardware and operating system constraints of the mobile devices.

In addition, mobile apps require a different kind of interface and user experience from desktop applications. The two main features are the need to fit information into smaller spaces and to make the working of a site as intuitive or use-friendly as possible. Additional considerations include the use of touch screens, keeping the application as simple as possible while including as many options as a user might want (particularly after they become familiar with the application).

Mobile apps will not completely replace desktop apps. For example, it is helpful to see more information at once on desktop monitors. As proof of the point, desktop computers increasingly use more than one screen. And the option to use a keyboard to enter information will always be a bonus that comes with desktop computers.

Responsive websites will not completely replace apps since websites require an Internet connection. But it is important to consider the creation of a responsive website whenever they might satisfy the software requirements. This advantage is because websites are independent from the hardware and operating systems of any device. Therefore responsive websites are easier to develop and maintain and makes them less expensive.

Sartosoft develops mobile apps

It should be no surprise that in its comprehensive set of solutions Sartosoft offers to develop mobile applications for personal or business use. Mobile apps are too common and useful to ignore. Since software development is what Sartosoft does, then, of course, we develop mobile apps.

Consider how a mobile app may be useful in your business and then contract with Sartosoft to build it for you.

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