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Personal Website Design & Creation

One of the most important reasons to have a personal website is to portray a professional view of you.  Here, more than anywhere else on the web, you manage what you want viewers to learn about you and how you want them to see you.  A personal website is where you provide the information you want to show to:

  • Recruiters
  • Employers
  • Educators
  • Other Professionals

Consider this the place to share your resume, an online history and portfolio of your work and accomplishments or a blog where you express yourself professionally. A personal website is where you can express your values and goals along with your interests and hobbies. And all of this is styled exactly the way you want and promotes you as your own brand.

The key advantages of your personal online space

Nowadays, social websites have gained prominence. It is easy to share and provide personal information through social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. However, as a personal space, you are limited by the restrictions these social networks impose on your profile including who can see it. By having a personal website, it is open to everyone and you have much more control over what you do with your profile.  You have limitless design freedom into creating a website that suits and expresses your personal tastes and requirements.

A personal website serves as your online identity. And if you want to promote your career, it will be available 24 / 7 without borders.  It will allow for potential recruiters to browse through your profile and contact you instead of you trying to find them.

The essential components of a personal website

Since a personal website does not require expensive web hosting or website maintenance it is not as resource-intensive as normal business websites. You can set up a personal website with minimal expenses by choosing affordable web hosting, a personal domain name, and your personal content.

Hosting your personal website at Sartosoft

Most individuals do not have the expertise or time to develop and host your own personal website.  Not to worry. Sartosoft is dedicated to providing you expert assistance and uses all the essential tools to create the most personalized online space according to your requirements. We will help you to:

  • Establish a personalized domain name
  • Set up an affordable web hosting package
  • Create a wonderful website design
  • Populate your website with your content
  • Implement several online strategies to promote your personal website, if needed

Our main objective is to offer you a framework where your innovative ideas about how to promote you online are given a support. We want your site to enthrall online viewers. And when it comes to promoting you online, Sartosoft has the products, services and support to help you succeed.

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