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Photography & Image Editing

So you need images for your site, right?  Not a problem.  Just get out your cell phone and start clicking, right? Or maybe not. Just start copying any picture you see on the web and use it on your site, right? Take it easy, now. Most images on the Internet are copyrighted and cannot be used by you or others particularly on a publically viewed website.  So what are you to do?

Locating images for your site

One solution is to have a professional photographer take pictures for you.  This is helpful because of the value of good composition and lighting in a photograph.  Another value is to be sure that the clarity or resolution of that picture is suitable for the web. This has become more important as consumers use high definition photos take to the place of being able to look at, touch, or try on on-line products. Yet, having pictures on web pages slows down how long it takes for them to load.  So it helps to have a professional prepare a picture to be shown on the web to account for many required features.

How image editing helps make visual impacts

Have you ever seen a picture that was washed out or too dark to really tell what it was showing?  Then you know that pictures have features that make them more or less interesting and rewarding to look at.  Image editing intends to bring out the best features in photographs and graphics of all types.  Very sophisticated editing tools have been developed to make it possible to do anything with an image.  Most of the images you will want to include in your website will benefit from some sort of editing, even if it is only to make them the right size to fit the allotted space on a web page.

Photography and image editing services offered by Sartosoft

We like the idea of coming to your business and photographing features of your business that you would like to put online. If you have highly specialize photography needs for sophisticated photography, like for jewelry, for example, we can arrange for this specialized service. Since we understand how important images are on a website, we stand ready to help you find the images you need.

Once found, images may not be completely satisfactory. Therefore we use sophisticated image editing software to offer editing services that can take the best part of any image and make it what it needs to be.  Let us help you make your points as clear as possible.

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