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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about finding things on the web. The importance of this can be illustrated by a joke that goes:

“Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?
On page two of Google. Nobody will look there.”

The reason this joke is funny is because it is true. If you are a frequent web user, you too have likely ignored the later pages of search results. The first page already has too much information. So being on the first page of a search result is important to being found by your target audience. This is where SEO comes in. It is a planned, organized and managed set of activities to position your website as early in a list of search results as possible.

How SEO works

There is a long history of developing methods for web users to find information they seek. Search engines perform searches with three important features.

  1. Out of the billions of webpages on the web, they find the ones that match the search information as closely as possible.
  2. They rank the pages of the results according how relevant they seem to be to the search request.
  3. They execute this process within seconds.

This entire process is done mathematically. That’s terrific because it allows you to compete with any company, even Fortune 500 companies and makes searches quick. To do this, web pages have to be classified with hundreds of variables. Search engines use “crawlers” or “spiders” that go through all of the pages on the internet and classify what they find according to these variables. This may sound simple enough, but it turns out there are several obstacles that make it very complicated. Here is a partial list.

  • No one knows all of the variables that are used to classify web pages. Companies that provide web searches keep it secret and the number seems to keep growing.
  • The variables are constantly changing so you have to keep working at it.
  • People who search the web don’t know how to form good search requests. You need to fix this as they won’t know any better.
  • There are only about 10 slots on the first page.
  • You are competing with billions of pages on the web. It is likely that several will have the same information as yours and be in front of you.
  • Other websites are working to maximize the chances of their page being ranked high, so unless you are doing the same work, your information is unlikely to be found.
  • It only takes a small difference between your information and others for yours to be listed on another planet. SEO efforts have to be robust to compensate for this.

What you should do about SEO

  • Take SEO seriously - If you want to compete with others who are publishing the same type of information, you must invest in SEO for your website.
  • Determine your market - Decide who your target audience is and what on what searches you need to rank high.
  • Start at the beginning - Develop an SEO strategy and implement the parts that are obvious, take little time and money. Make sure the basics are in place before making it complicated.
  • Be realistic – If you sell the same merchandise as a large chain, you must expect they will always be listed high on a list. Find ways to set yourself apart so you can be listed with them rather than expecting to be listed instead of them.
  • Be patient – Don’t expect to receive results overnight. (Be wary of anyone who promises otherwise.) Simply put, SEO is a long-term strategy that takes months and sometimes years to succeed.
  • Don’t try to cheat - Search engines operate in the best interest of the user, so any attempt to fool the system or artificially inflate your site’s stature can be grounds for removal.
  • Keep working at it - Once your page / site is ranked high on the list of results it may be easier to stay there.  But you have to keep going to maintain that position since, once you arrive, your competition can now see you and work to displace you.

How Sartosoft helps with SEO

Not only do websites with similar information compete for high rankings using SEO, SEO is also a service that is competitive for those who provide it. Therefore, like our competition, we will not explain exactly how we work and what we do. But, in general, Sartosoft uses an incremental, multidimensional approach to SEO. We work at staying informed about what can be done to improve site rankings.  Most importantly we will continue to help you make modifications in your site to improve its visibility to those you want to find it. Our goal is for you to see your website transforming to a high-ranked influential site, moving upwards on search results and having persistent visitors.

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