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Site Usage Analytics

The best approach to verify your success is to compare your current status with changes that occur in the future. The foundation for this comes from measurement and the process is called analytics. Though Sartosoft supports the analysis of the use of your site to verify its success, it fully supports you doing this for your entire business. Site usage analytics measure how many people visit your website, the keywords they used to find your site, which pages they looked at, how long they stayed on those pages, how many converted to paying customers, etc. Based on this information we will be able to help you improve the impact your site on the Internet.

The site analysis process

Our reliable and regular reporting gives you data that is simple and easy to understand. Here is the process we follow

  1. First we provide the raw data that show the traffic, page views, clicks and more for both your website and for your direct competition.
  2. Second we point out where you may be limited from meeting your goals. We suggest to you what customers may be doing when they visit your site for you to compare with your intentions. The goal is to make their experience meaningful and better.
  3. Finally, we help you plan changes you will make to your site or your business. Then we help you continue measuring to see if those changes were effective. Data itself is a great way to see how you are performing. But without applying what you've learned, it has little use.

Benefits of site usage analytics

By using site usage data, Sartosoft will help to involve users in the development of your site and your products. This can be achieved by observing the way consumers use your site to help you make and measure any needed changes. Specifically:

  • Our analysis will report the specific pages of your site where visitors land. Based on that information you can focus your marketing strategy in these sections to divert the leads towards business generation.
  • You can pinpoint what people are searching for on your site. Most people know how to find the keywords that bring visitors to their sites from search engines. We can help you go beyond that to find out what visitors are looking for once they are on your site?
  • You can determine the key points of your website. We can show you which pages keep your visitors on your website the longest, or have the lowest bounce rate.
  • You can find out which online campaigns bring the most traffic to your site. We can help you know which of your online marketing campaigns (anything from local search to social media marketing) are the most successful in terms of bringing traffic and conversions to your website.
  • You can see where your best visitors are located. Detailed visitor demographic data and how the behavior of certain types of users can be tracked against “typical” visitors and this data can be used to set up and manage advertising via Google, Facebook, Twitter, or other services.

How Sartosoft can help you with site usage analytics

The number of available web analytics tools and their options can be overwhelming for businesses that may not understand how to use them. And that's where hiring someone to really dig into all of the reports can be vital. You need seasoned professionals to help you with this process.

The Data analysis provided by Sartosoft offers the possibility to extract the essential information out of a potentially huge data set. Furthermore, we help by presenting this information to you in a comprehensive and usable way.

Therefore, without a proper understanding of the information of site analytic reports, the information remains just raw data. Sartosoft will help you to understand how your website is being used by others. Over time, as the web changes and your website improves, this data will change, which in turn leads to changes in what needs to be measured. So, this is a process that needs regular attention by individuals who care about your success as much as you do.

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