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Website Setup, Hosting & Maintenance

Consider your website to be like a home - a place where information lives. Just as building a house cannot be the only concern for establishing a home, so constructing your website cannot not be the only consideration for getting your site online. In addition a website needs a physical place to live, an address to label it and directions for how to get there. These aspects of setting up a website are described below.

Website setup and hosting

There are three things that must be in place for a website to be visible on the Internet.  They are:

  1. A website
    1. Every website, regardless of whether it is created with templates, components dragged onto a form or handwritten code, is just a set of codes for how to construct the site in a browser. Many individuals consider this is all that is needed to "have" a website.
    2. No one can see all of this work without the additional features listed below.
  2. A physical location
    1. The computer that holds or hosts your website is called a server. Having your files saved on this server is called hosting.
    2. This is where the files that make up your website physically exists on the Internet. They have to be installed on a computer that is part of the internet system in order for someone’s request to see your site can be answered.
  3. An address
    1. A website's location is identified by an address called a Domain Name.
    2. Each domain name has to be unique in the entire world. Before a domain name can be established, a search has to be done to see if the name is already taken.
    3. If the domain name you want to use is available, it will need to be registered so no one else can use it. This will cost a little bit of money and has to be renewed on a regular basis or the name can no longer be used.
    4. The domain name has the information for how to find your site associated with it.

Website maintenance

Websites don’t automatically stay in good shape after they have been launched.  Here's why.

  1. Information listed or shown on your website will change and will need to be updated.
  2. Updates to hardware or software that support your site may require changes to site’s code.
  3. Changes in the browsers that people use to view your site may require code changes.
  4. Your site may start to look out of date or continue to work in ways that is no longer supported.
  5. Your site may not rank very high in searches (SEO).
  6. Your site may not have the retention or "turn over" rates you desire so adjustments may need to be made.

So websites, just like things that are alive, need to get some attention if they are going to thrive and strongly support you or your business. No “set it and forget it” allowed here.

How Sartosoft can help

To help with all of the issues listed above Sartosoft can:

  • Build your site
  • Set up your domain name.
  • Provide hosting for your site.
  • Keep an updated backup of your site to quickly reinstate it if something goes wrong.
  • Help you keep the content of your site up-to-date.
  • Update background software on the server as needed and fix anything on your site that stops working properly afterwards.
  • Update your site with newer features or create a new website as website technology changes.
  • Help your site to be ranked as high in searches as possible by using SEO techniques.
  • Keep track of your site's traffic and suggest fixes for any problems that are found. Then, help make fixes according to your requirements.
  • Keep your data safe.

We are ready to help you with any or all of these issues.

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