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Business Website Design & Creation

Today businesses are established by being listed on the Internet rather than if they have a brick-and-mortar store. More and more individuals use the web for their product and service searching and shopping.  For example, mobile apps that competitively price products and present them to consumers use information from the web. This trend will continue as consumers learn to maximize the convenience of the Internet and trust the results of e-commerce. Eventually your business will be insignificant if you are not present and accounted for on the web. Therefore, a professional-looking and powerful business website is essential for a company to flourish in the online marketplace.

Additional advantages to having a business website

Business websites are a powerful method for communicating with consumers. Websites allow for a lot of information to be organized in ways that make it easy to find. That information is available and can be operated on throughout the world 24 / 7. You can easily make changes in that information and it is immediately available to everyone. Compared to printing, this all results in a large cost savings. You can also use your business website as a platform to experiment with different products and services without taking too many risks.

Types of business websites

Generally there are two main types of e-commerce websites.

  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) - This type of site sells to the general public and needs to be attractive and user-friendly.
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) - This type of site sells to other businesses. These sites are optimized to give the product details and ordering options that businesses provide to each other. These sites typically integrate backend inventory, order fulfillment and accounting systems into their site.

If your business needs both types of websites, expect to develop two applications whose data may be joined by using the same database for both.

How to get started

Websites don’t result from rubbing some pictures and content together and, “poof,” a website suddenly appears. Instead websites take a lot of work to get them right. This means setting your goals and then making a plan.

We recommend that if your business does not currently have a website, that you use a phased approach to establish your business on the Internet.  There are typically four phases:

  • Phase #1 - Information-only Website – presents essential information about your business.
  • Phase #2 - Limited Transactions Website – asks customers to call to get quotes or to submit e-mail requests for more information
  • Phase #3 - Full Transaction Website – offers customer complete digital purchase options with registration, support, full product catalog with searching options, requiring a fully integrated Internet security infrastructure
  • Phase #4 - Legacy System Integration – may include inventory control, billing systems, customer relations management (CRM) and marketing features, etc.

How Sartosoft can help build your online presence

Sartosoft creates excellent websites that will propel your online business to new heights. From web hosting to marketing, we use the most advanced tools and knowledgeable experts to take your website from conception to online prominence. We are passionate about our work, and we treat our customers' business as our own. Sartosoft intends to become your innovative business partner for online success. Get in touch with Sartosoft today to learn more about business website hosting, design, and management.

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